We need your support

     Our farm model has the potential to help both the earth and each other, but we cannot achieve these goals without your support. Any amount of donations are accepted and greatly appreciated.  We wish to keep the farm as low cost and practical to begin with, but we still need infrastructure and land to grow on. We will also be starting the farm regardless of donations, but our effectiveness and ability to achieve our goals will be greatly influenced by your support.

     We wish to eventually make our living off of the farm as a full time job, but we both plan to work part time on the farm during the transitional growth period.  Until we have raised enough to begin this transition period, we will both still be working full time and saving for the farm. This approach is a part of our desire to serve our community and its people, putting any profit after our living costs back into farm and the community. Your financial and moral support for us will be critical in achieving our short and long term goals.  

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