ABOUT the farmers and our values

Open Source Farm is located in Havana, Florida by Kevin and Jordyn Zak. We are first generation farmers looking to provide culinary and medicinal herbs and all-natural vegetables to the community.

    By starting Open Source Farm, we hope to address problems such as adaptation to a rapidly climate change, food security, economic and social justice. Between us, we have years of research, education, and work experiences in agriculture, forestry, and activism. We eventually came to the conclusion that starting such a project is our best means to make a difference towards a happier and healthier world.

     In the long term, we will gear the farm towards regenerative agriculture (taking greenhouse gas carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and putting it back into the soil as carbon through natural farming practices), as well as permacultural practices (encouraging and benefiting from living and nonliving systems to produce food and resources in a sustainable manner). In terms of treating our fellow humans better, we aim to use the farm as a model for co-operative and community based economics, while uplifting our local community in the Florida Panhandle through meaningful work and sustainable economic production. 

     Once the farm is more firmly established, we wish to start an affordable Community Supported Agriculture program in which we will directly market produce and herbs in a weekly share to farm supporters. We believe the CSA model can be, and already is, incorporated into a wider model of cooperative economics where skilled workers trade and share their products and services on a more equal basis. Thank you for taking this journey with us. We appreciate all of your support and love.